Some of the friends that were part of the Cards of Hope program have passed away.  We would like to honor their fight here. They were strong warriors that fought an incredibly hard battle.  Please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers as you read over their names on this page.


  • Pennie Maya– DOB: 1/1/64 received her angel wings 5/18/2014 – VA- Cervical and Vaginal Cancers.
  • Loralai Gutierrez – DOB 12/1/10 received her angel wings on 1/2/15 – Colorado – Brain Cancer
  • Alisha Savage – DOB 8/20/10 received her angel wings 1/24/15 – Ireland- ATRT- (Brain Cancer)
  • Mary Weist – DOB 1/26/61 received her angel wings on 8/6/15- South Dakota- Lung Cancer
  • Hudson Ludgren – DOB 4/14/2011 received his angel wings on 9/22/2015- Florida- Neuroblastoma
  • Larissa Phouthavongsy – DOB 4/6/1993 received her angel wings on 10/2/2015 – Canada- Liver Cancer
  • Lexys Lamp – DOB 8/27/09 received her angel wings on 11/23/2015- Michigan- Brain Cancer

If you have a loved one that you would like listed on this page, please feel free to email me at:


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