Here at Cards of Hope, we get lots of questions, so hopefully this page will answer some if not all of those questions.

  • Q: How many people are in enrolled in the Cards of Hope program?  — A: 525 people all over the world
  • Q: Can anyone with a life threatening disease enroll?  —  A: Yes
  • Q: How often can a person enrolled expect a card?  — A: About every two weeks
  • Q: How many people write cards to those enrolled in the program?  — A: 1 person (Lacie), however Lacie’s children, cat, puppies and wife, help decorate the envelopes sometimes.
  • Q: What sort of items should I expect to arrive in my child’s card?  — A: stickers, tattoos, coloring pages, crafts, buttons, jewelry, small stuffed animals, and etc.. everything is age-appropriate (all dependent on donations)
  • Q: How much does it cost to enroll in Cards of Hope?  — A: Nothing- it is a free program
  • Q: Are all envelopes really decorated by hand? — A: All the children’s envelopes are.
  • Q: Do the adults enrolled receive items in their cards as well?  — A:  Sometimes (again depending donations)
  • Q: I am enrolled in the program, but address is changing, what should I do?  — A: Just email me your old and new address, so I can change it in my program (my email address is lacielovehester@gmail.com).
  •  Q: Do you give my information to anyone else?  — A:  No, everything is kept 100% confidential.
  •  Q: How come I haven’t received a card in a few weeks?  –A: Someone in the family has been sick.
  •  Q: Do you send candy or edible items?  –A:  NO, because of allergies and etc.
  •  Q:  I’m enrolled in the program and I want to help, how do I?– A:  Sending me pictures or comments to put on my website is a great help to me. (It helps people to want to donate) Also spreading the word of the Cards of Hope website to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and etc.  
  •  Q:  I want to help your program out, how do I?  A:  I am always in need of stamps, cards, envelopes of all sizes, crayons, markers, stickers, greeting cards and etc. Please see my donation page for more information.
  • Q:  I just filled out the form, when should I expect my first card?–A:  I email everyone after receiving their application and then I generally mail out something within the week.
  • Q: My child just got put in the hospital, indefinitely, will you mail the cards there? –A: Yes– I just need the hospital address and your child’s floor and bed number.
  • Q: I filled out the form online a week ago and never received my email confirming being enrolled? –A: Please reapply.
  • Q: Where is Cards of Hope based out of:  –A: Out of Lacie’s house in Richmond, VA
  • Q: What places currently does Cards of House mail to:  — A: USA, Canada, Chile, the Bahamas, UK, Belgium, Australia, and England.
  • Q: Does Cards of Hope mail out care packages: — A:  Depending on donations, sometimes.
  • Q: How do I go about being put on the sponsor’s page?– A: Please email Lacie (lacielovehester@gmail.com) for information
  • Q:  Do you do fundraisers for Cards of Hope? — A:  I do and I am always looking for new fundraiser ideas.  
  • Q:  How many stamps do you go through in a month? A: About 1,006 stamps a month.  Some cards have items in them that require more than one stamp

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