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Look at the smile on that cancer warrior!

This is what Cards of Hope is all about.  Bringing smiles, hope, love and joy to everyone enrolled.  This little cancer warrior loves getting his cards and things from Cards of Hope.



Donations needed


With the upcoming holiday season quickly approaching, Cards of Hope is asking for donations of stamps, Christmas cards, stockings, small children’s toys, board games, puzzles, jewelry sets, Lego kits, action figures, Christmas ornaments, stocking stuffers, Barbies, coloring books, art sets,  craft kits, hat and glove sets, gift cards, and money to pay for shipping charges.

Cards of Hope is an international program, where I send inspirational cards to those battling cancer weekly. For children in the program, I send cards with stickers, coloring pages, temporary tattoos and etc. I send out a care packages periodically. Cards of Hope currently has 450 people enrolled and I get about 2-5 people requesting to be in the program every week. My goal is to try to send everyone a little care package this holiday.  To see how to donate, please go to you!

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month



Did you know that September was Childhood Cancer Awareness month?  Well, here are a few facts about childhood cancer.

  • In 2014, it is expected that 1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20.
  • Even though childhood cancer is considered “rare”, worldwide over a quarter of a million kids are diagnosed annually.
  • The causes of most childhood cancer is unknown.
  • Currently, childhood cancer can not be prevented.
  • It is expected that about 43 children a day will be diagnosed with childhood cancer.

Those facts are startling to those that might not have ever had to watch their child battle cancer.  Let’s start raising awareness for our children, our neighbor’s children and our communities’ children.

I want to say thank you to everyone that is donating to the Cards of Hope program.  I have gotten stickers, crafts, hats and etc to pass on to those enrolled in my program. Again, the donations are very appreciated.

P.S. Due to large number of  requests of people wanting to be enrolled in the program, I could really use stamps (postcard stamps, regular forever stamps and international forever stamps) at this time.

What to do if you were recently diagnosed with cancer

go daddy picture counseling small

So many people get the diagnosis of cancer at their doctors’ visits and forget everything else after the word cancer that the doctor says.  Well, I hope that this article will help you if you recently got diagnosed.  Here are a few things that I recommend.

First off, don’t blame yourself for your cancer.  Blame your cancer on global warming, on anything but yourself.  Even if your diet or lifestyle habits aren’t the best, you still shouldn’t blame yourself. It isn’t like you decided one morning that you wanted to have cancer, no one wants cancer.  Blaming yourself for cancer isn’t going to be beneficial at all.

After you have a few days to digest the diagnosis, I suggest that you get a notebook with a folder pocket in it.  If you can’t find one then get a 3 ring binder and put a notebook and a folder in it.  The notebook comes in handy when you think of questions to ask your doctor. The folder comes in handy to hold all the paper and instructions for examinations that your doctor will end up giving you over time. Keeping everything in one area helps prevent anything from getting lost or misplaced. Take your notebook to every doctor’s appointment and every test, you may have questions to write in it.

Get a support system.  Tell your family and friends that you have cancer. Having others that you can talk to and possibly rely on to go to doctors’ appointment with you . Now with that being said, some family and friends will possibly tell you horror stories of cancer, but it is important to understand that you are you.  Focusing on those stories aren’t going to help you at all, so ask them to refrain from the horrible stories and what they have heard or researched.

If you are tired, get some rest.  This is very important. You aren’t lazy for taking a nap a few hours after waking up.  You are fighting a hard battle and you need your rest.

I also think it is important for anyone newly diagnosed with cancer to realize that they can kick cancer’s butt.  Always keeping positive about beating cancer is imperative.  Even if you have to put post it notes on your bathroom mirror that says “I am beating cancer today” , it will help.

So if you were just diagnosed with cancer, please keep these suggestions in mind.  But remember, you are not alone. There are 28 million cancer survivors and you will make it one more survivor.





Cancer affects everyone

Cancer doesn’t care if you are young or old, or where you live. It doesn’t care what your spiritual path is. It doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. It could careless about your race, gender, sex, or your sexual preference. Cancer just has no biases. Cancer isn’t fair.

When someone has cancer, it isn’t just that person that feels the turmoils of cancer, but their friends, family and loved ones all feel the brunt of cancer just not in the same way. Family and loved ones often feel guilty, often blaming themselves for not having the cancer. Friends may have no idea what to say or do, so therefore they do nothing.

It is a hard and tiresome job fighting cancer. Take each day at a time. Just remember that cancer affects everyone. You are not alone in your fight, but you will win your fight because you are stronger than cancer.

Massachussetts General-developed device monitors key step in development of tumor metastases

Pretty interesting…..


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As cells undergoing the epithelial-mesenchymal transition move from left to right through the EMT chip, those expressing mesenchymal markers (red) break away and…
Massachussetts General-developed device monitors key step in development of tumor metastases

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